4 Things You Should Do Before Every Workout

Overview There’s a natural tendency to want to leap right into a workout. After all, who isn’t pressed for time? But failing to take the proper steps before each training session can sabotage your results, [...]

Eat Your Water – Sources of Hydrating Food

Water is the most abundant substance in the human body (equivalent to 50-70% of total body weight). Our joints require it for lubrication, nutrients need it for transport and absorption, and our organs need it [...]

5 Ways to Reset and Revitalize in the New Year

The clock strikes, the ball drops and the champagne pops. Another new year is here. To many, the New Year means a clean slate. A reset. A fresh start to living the life we want [...]

5 Ways to Ease Stiffness

Whether you hit the gym hard, sat for too long or woke up feeling like the tin man, being stiff is not only uncomfortable, it could also limit your ability to participate fully in your [...]

5 Ways to Make Stretching More Effective

You know you feel looser and more relaxed after stretching, but is it really doing your body good? Science tells us the answer is a resounding "yes." Research shows that static stretching, which involves holding [...]

Exercise Tied to Lower Risk for 13 Types of Cancer

Anyone who still needs motivation to move more may find it in a new study showing that, in addition to its other health benefits, exercise appears to substantially reduce the risk of developing 13 different [...]

Change Your Body Type With A Workout?

If you’ve taken a barre, yoga, or Pilates class, you’ve probably encountered a super-hot instructor with lean limbs, long legs, and a tight AF midsection. You might have also heard her claim that doing these [...]

ACSM, ACE, and MFA Announce Exercise is Medicine Solution

The recently announced collaboration Exercise is Medicine Solution is reportedly a way to jointly address the rapid progression of chronic diseases and skyrocketing healthcare costs. Exercise is Medicine (EIM)—a global health initiative managed by the [...]

Could You Unknowingly Have An Eating Disorder?

It's not that crazy a question to ask. At some point in their lives, 20 million women and 10 million men in the U.S. will suffer from a clinically significant eating disorder. And while, when [...]

10 Nutrition Trends to Watch

Today, consumers care more about eating for health, sustainability and optimal wellness. Our grandmothers would be so proud. We are circling back to eating foods similar to the ones they grew and prepared themselves. Not [...]

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